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ZEEKR 001 Pure electric 741/1032km SEDAN


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ZEEKR 001 Pure electric 741/1032km SEDAN

Brand: ZEEKR

Energy type: Pure electric

Pure electric cruising range (km): 741/1032

Size(mm): 4970*1999*1560

Wheelbase(mm): 3005

Maximum speed (km/h): 200

Maximum power(kW): 200

Battery Type: Ternary lithium battery

Front suspension system: Double wishbone independent suspension

Rear suspension system: Multi-link independent suspension

    Product description

    ZEEKR 001 is a pure electric vehicle with a maximum pure electric cruising range of up to 1032km. The overall appearance is in the style of a hunting coupe, and many consumers who buy it come for its looks. The light groups on both sides are integrated with the raised area of ​​the cabin cover. In terms of lighting, daytime running lights, adaptive high and low beams, steering auxiliary lights and delayed headlight shut-off are all standard. The matrix light source can accurately illuminate the road ahead, greatly improving the safety factor of driving at night.

    Viewed from the side, the wheelbase of ZEEKER 001 is 3005mm, which is a standard medium and large car. This car uses a hidden door handle that automatically pops open when in use, giving it a full sense of ritual. The blackened exterior rearview mirrors and shark fins visually enhance the sporty atmosphere of the vehicle. This car offers two tire sizes, 19-inch and 21-inch. The 19-inch in the mid-to-low-end version is not as visually impactful as the 21-inch in the high-end version, but the comfort will be better.
    ZEEKR 001 uses a large number of horizontal lines to outline a concave and convex tail image. The hollow spoiler extends from the top to help stabilize the vehicle body when driving at high speeds. The through-type rear taillight is a popular design at the moment. This car also adds its own ideas on both sides of the taillight, making it highly recognizable. The hatchback rear tailgate supports electric adjustment, and the top version also adds an induction rear tailgate, which is very convenient. Optional equipment is also available for other vehicles, and if you have sufficient budget, it is recommended to do so. After all, you won’t know how practical it is until you use it in the future.
    ZEEKR 001 provides two color schemes of platinum gray and titanium brown for consumers to choose from in terms of interior, canceling our common black car interior environment. Gray creates a sense of luxury, while titanium brown looks warm, and dark colors are equally easy to care for. For a car in this price range, there is no need to worry about the materials used. The superfiber velvet on the roof looks and feels very good. The 8.8-inch full LCD instrument panel is not very large, but the driver can see the vehicle information displayed on the HUD by looking directly ahead, which is more conducive to driving safety. The 15.4-inch central control screen comes standard with 5G network and facial recognition, and can provide different seat modes and multimedia displays according to different driver identities, making it highly intelligent.
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    The wheelbase of ZEEKR 001 reaches more than 3 meters, which is fully qualified for a family car of this size. Users with a height of 190cm will not feel depressed when sitting in it. The rear floor is slightly raised, so three people can sit there without any pressure on short distances. Passenger comfort is average in the summer, but the high-end version also has a heating function in the second row, which can provide a better driving experience in winter.
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    In terms of power, ZEEKR 001 offers a rear single motor and front and rear dual motors. The maximum power output of the single-motor version is 200kW, and the dual-motor version reaches 400kW. Depending on the battery capacity, the cruising range is 656/741/1032km, and users can choose according to their own circumstances. For users who are not pursuing performance, the single-motor version can satisfy daily use. Users who are used to driving gasoline-powered cars will find the starting acceleration very abrupt, and it will take some time to get used to it. The dual-motor version's official zero-to-100 acceleration time is 3.8 seconds. The acceleration and push-back feel are well in place, and the car can maintain a good bumpy feel when facing bumpy roads.

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