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Energy type:Plug-in hybrid/electric

Pure electric cruising range (km):225/630



Maximum speed (km/h):200

Engine:1.5T 152 horsepower L4

Battery Type:Ternary lithium battery

Front suspension system:Double wishbone independent suspension

Rear suspension system:Multi-link independent suspension

    Product description

    As the flagship SUV of the AITO brand, M9 is first of all in terms of momentum. The brand-new "Kunpeng Zhanyi" family design of the new car looks wide and powerful from the front. Functions such as daytime running lights, high and low beam headlights, intelligent interactive lights and air intake ducts are all integrated into the same design element, showing the simplicity of new energy vehicles while ensuring strong functionality. The front intelligent interactive lights have millions of pixels, and the shape is integrated with the headlights, giving them a distinct look. It supports pixel-level animation playback, text display, and also serves as an interactive function with pedestrians. It can project corresponding text to the ground, and even project a 150-inch 2K outdoor screen, which is full of technological possibilities.

    AITO M95v6
    Hidden on the side of the simple body is the huge body of AITO M9. Its length, width and height reach 5230*1999*1800mm respectively, and the wheelbase also reaches 3110mm. Coupled with four electric doors, it shows a strong administrative aura. At the same time, the vehicle has not slacked off in terms of drag coefficient due to its excessive size, and its performance of 0.26cd is much better than that of similar models from traditional luxury brands.
    HUAWEI car89j
    With the same design language as the front of the car, the rear of the AITO M9 looks simple and very stable. The joint design of the integrated through-type taillight group and the rear interactive lights divides the rear of the car into two. The upper part not only has a contrasting color body, but also an integrated spoiler. As for the interactive taillights, they can also display different text and image effects.
    The interior of AITO M9 adopts a double-enveloping cockpit design, and is covered with a large amount of high-grade NAPPA leather. Natural white cork wood is also used to embellish the center armrest and door panels, giving the overall texture a high texture. At the same time, detailed processing such as the audio decoration and crystal knobs above the center console also highlight the texture that a luxury car should have. The One Glass triple screen system consists of a full LCD instrument + central control screen and passenger entertainment screen. The built-in newly upgraded Xiaoyi smart assistant also supports multi-person and multi-device collaborative experience, super desktop 2.0, all-round adaptive adjustment and other functional operations. The HarmonyOS 4 smart cockpit is built on the Ark Engine, which not only provides a rich functional experience, but also can accurately identify voiceprints and sound zones.
    AITO M9 interiorm643h2s
    The leather material of the seat has a high-quality touch, and the support for the human body is very good when you sit on it, and you can feel the thicker filling. Coupled with the multi-directional adjustment and heating, ventilation and massage functions, long-distance commuting can be quite comfortable. What's more, the passenger seat also has leg rests and footrests, which can also serve as the "Queen's passenger seat" when there is no one in the back seat. Compared with the experience in the front row, the second row and third row of AITO M9 should attract more attention. The second-row seats have a wide front-to-rear adjustment range, and the two independent seats also support heating, ventilation and massage functions. It is worth noting that the boss seat has a unique zero-gravity mode. When this function is turned on, the passenger seat will also move forward and fold.
    AITO M9 seatb822hvj
    As a flagship car, AITO M9 is also equipped with a 32-inch curtain in the rear row of the car. Unlike the display screen, it can be completely stored when folded without affecting lighting, and can also provide an excellent audio-visual entertainment experience to second- and third-row passengers when opened. Thanks to the larger size, passengers in all three rows can see quite clearly.
    As for power, AITO M9 has two power forms: pure electric and extended range, both equipped with dual motors. Among them, the pure electric version has a maximum power of 390kW and a peak torque of 673N·m. It is equipped with a 100kWh battery CLTC and has a range of up to 630km. The extended-range model is composed of front and rear dual motors and a 1.5T engine, with a maximum system power of 365kW. The peak torque is 675N·m, and the battery capacity is 42/52kWh. The pure electric cruising range can reach 190/233km, and the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 1,200km.

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