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LEADING L9 Extended range pure electric 210km SUV


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LEADING L9 Extended range pure electric 210km SUV


Energy type: Extended range pure electric

Pure electric cruising range (km): 210

Size(mm): 5218*1998*1800

Wheelbase(mm): 3105

Maximum speed (km/h): 180

Engine: 1.5L 154 HP L4

Battery Type: Ternary lithium

Front suspension system: Double wishbone independent suspension

Rear suspension system: Five-link independent suspension

    Product description

    New energy models continue to be popular in the car market. The car I will introduce to you below is the LEADING L9, which is more suitable for home use. This is an extended-range electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at the static appearance of this vehicle.
    LEADING L9 adopts a family-style design, and the through-type taillights have good brand recognition. The front face uses a closed middle grille, with an air intake below. The through-type design increases the visual width of the front of the car, and the daytime running lights are designed in the diversion trough to highlight its sense of strength.

    detail LEADING L9 (1)kn2
    The side of the car body is solid and full without too many lines. The concave fenders combined with the large wheels enhance the sportiness of the vehicle. The door handles adopt a hidden design, the windows have privacy glass, and chrome wrapping is added around them. The taillights at the rear are blackened and adopt a through-type shape. The entire style is simple and capable, and the spoiler above is equipped with high-mounted brake lights.
    detail LEADING L9 (2)zej
    The interior also adopts a family-style design. The two 15.7-inch screens on the passenger side provide good technology. It supports a variety of entertainment functions internally, and comes with OTA upgrades, Internet of Vehicles, etc. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip internally, which ensures the running speed of the car. The main driver has a 4.82-inch instrument panel design, and driving information can be intuitively viewed on the steering wheel. It is also equipped with a 13.35-inch HUD head-up display.
    detail LEADING L9 (3)6zudetail LEADING L9 (4)go7
    In terms of space, the total vehicle size of LEADING L9 is 5218x1998x1800MM, and the wheelbase is 3105MM. The car adopts a 2+2+2 seat layout. The entire car is made of Nappa leather seats, which are well wrapped and softly filled. The front and second rows are equipped with heating, ventilation, massage and other functions. The front seats can be folded down to make the vehicle in a flat position. The entire vehicle is spacious, with plenty of legroom in both the third and second rows.
    detail LEADING L9 (5)5ic
    In terms of power, the car is equipped with an extended-range power consisting of 1.5T and dual motors, with a maximum power of 154 horsepower, a maximum torque of 620N.m, and acceleration from zero to zero in 5.3 seconds. It can provide a pure electric cruising range of 210 kilometers and a comprehensive cruising range of 1,315 kilometers. In addition, the car is also equipped with variable suspension of soft and hard height and air suspension.
    detail LEADING L9 (6)1nt
    Overall, this is a bucket truck. With a large space and intelligent equipment, it also has a long battery life and good power. Consumers who like it can pay attention.

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