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What types of charging stations are there? The guide to clearing the level is here!


What types of charging stations are there? The guide to clearing the level is here!

As new energy vehicles become more and more popular, supporting facilities gradually come into view. How much do you know about charging stations?
First, let me introduce to you the classification of charging stations:
According to the charging method, charging stations are divided into three types: AC charging stations, DC charging stations, and AC-DC integrated charging stations.
AC charging station: A power supply device that provides AC power for on-board charging of electric vehicles. To put it simply, it is slow charging. Slow charging generally has a smaller output power and takes 5-8 hours to fully charge.
DC charging station: A power supply device that provides low-power DC power for electric vehicles. This is what we often call fast charging. Fast charging has large output power and large charging power (60kw, 120kw, 200kw or even higher). The charging time only takes 30-120 minutes, which is relatively very fast.
AC and DC integrated charging station: AC and DC integrated charging station can provide both DC charging and AC charging. Generally speaking, they are rarely used in the market because the cost is too high.
According to our usage environment and applications, they are divided into  public charging stations, dedicated charging stations and self-use charging stations.
Generally speaking, when we charge at public charging stations, we usually use DC charging piles, because they can save time, are highly efficient, and can quickly meet everyone's full needs on the road. Therefore, they are generally installed in highways and shopping mall areas.
Dedicated charging stations are generally installed in parking lots inside office buildings and are only for internal personnel or private use. They are generally AC charging stations.
Self-use charging stations are generally purchased and installed by individuals themselves. There is also a portable charging head, which is easy to carry when going out, can be used in a variety of places, and has complete functions and configurations.
As the technology of the new energy vehicle industry becomes more and more mature, the advantages of electric vehicles are gradually reflected. Different countries have not only introduced favorable policies, but we can also clearly feel its advantages when using it. For example, it has a comfortable starting experience; it drives more quietly than a gasoline car while driving; and the electricity bill generated by use is more cost-effective compared to the gas bill. Of course, electric energy is a more environmentally friendly and clean energy, and it also has a positive effect on our environment.
So how do you install a charging station?
First, you need to understand local policies and systems. After confirming that it can be installed, you need to go to the site to inspect your parking space and try to choose the power distribution station closest to your parking space. Confirm the specific wire installation path for installing the charging pile. At that time, communicate more with relevant personnel to determine the best plan. After installation, confirm whether the charging station can be used normally and whether the length of the charging cable is appropriate.
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