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The fastest charging speed in the world! ZEEKR 007 charging for 15 minutes increases range by 610km


The Fastest Charging Speed In The World! ZEEKR 007 Charging For 15 Minutes Increases Range By 610km

ZEEKR 007 will break the ceiling of existing models in multiple dimensions such as battery, endurance, power, and intelligent driving cabin. The Jike 007 is the king of pure electric sedans in the 800V era, equipped with two types of batteries, namely the Golden Brick battery and the Kirin battery. Charging for 15 minutes, the CLTC range of the BRICS battery increases by up to 500 kilometers, making it the fastest mass-produced phosphate battery in the world for charging speed.
And with the Kirin battery, charging for fifteen minutes will increase the range by 610km, making ZEEKR 007 the fastest charging sedan in the world.
In addition, the ZEEKR 007 series is equipped with an 800V system architecture, and the long endurance version of the CLTC has a range of 870 kilometers, making it the world's longest mass-produced pure electric mid size sedan.
As for power, the ZEEKR 007 is equipped with the same silicon carbide rear motor as the ZEEKR 001FR, with a maximum acceleration of 2.84 seconds per 100 kilometers, making it the fastest mid size sedan in the world.
At the same time, the safety of ZEEKR is also the only one in the world, with over 190000 ZEEKR vehicles delivered, setting a record for the only zero spontaneous combustion in the world.
ZEEKR 007 has received 51569 orders within 40 days of pre-sale.