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Seizing the new energy market, Xiaomi SU7 is the Chinese electric car with leading performance and top-notch driving experience?


Seizing the new energy market, Xiaomi SU7 is the Chinese electric car with leading performance and top-notch driving experience?

On March 28, Xiaomi Motors was officially launched in China. As a new energy model, Xiaomi SU7 has attracted market attention due to its high-performance genes. This car is positioned as a "C-class high-performance ecological technology sedan". It is the first achievement of "tech giant" Xiaomi to enter the new energy track. It is also a cross-generation innovation dedicated to leading the development of automobiles. Xiaomi SU7 has made comprehensive breakthroughs in model design, new energy technology, smart technology, etc., fully demonstrating Xiaomi's core capabilities in car manufacturing, and also demonstrating the super performance and forward-looking intelligent space and ecological technology experience of Xiaomi SU7.
The integration of nature and science creates a classic design that can stand the test of time.
As the first model of a new brand, the exterior design must be impressive. The elegant and dynamic body lines, the simple and smooth shape without losing strength and layering, present a seamless beauty. In particular, the vehicle’s visual golden ratio design, with 3 times the wheel-to-axle ratio, 2 times the wheel-to-height ratio, and 1.36 times the aspect ratio, creates a timeless classic body proportions.
No matter from which angle you look at it, Xiaomi SU7 has the beauty of a design that follows nature and science. The water drop headlights on the front of the car capture the momentary form of water droplets falling in nature. The 4-lens 12-pixel matrix ADB adaptive headlights move with the light, emphasizing the agility and sophistication of the entire vehicle. The side of the car body uses concise lines to outline a very dynamic waistline, which is both graceful and powerful. The highly recognizable halo taillights at the rear of the car are inspired by the halo of Saturn. It uses 360 632nm ultra-red LED elements to form a progressive dynamic light belt, integrating a futuristic design that spans time and space with a wonderful natural design.
Xiaomi SU7 is not only designed for beauty, but also for driving. 28-degree front windshield, 17-degree large back and G4 continuous curvature of the entire car outline, coupled with frameless water-drop rearview mirror and warm stone lidar design. After 1,000+ digital model simulation tests and 300+ clay model adjustments, the model has undergone scientific wind tunnel testing. After countless rounds of fine polishing, Xiaomi SU7’s “ultra-low wind resistance” – 0.195Cd was created. It combines extremely low energy consumption with ultra-high endurance performance, and achieves a high-performance driving experience with a unique classic design.In terms of space performance, the body size of Xiaomi SU7 is 4997mm x 1963mm x 1440mm, and the wheelbase is 3000mm. It has a low-lying sports car posture and a C-class large space that can accommodate a variety of travel scenarios. The vertical seating space in the front row is 1012mm, and the knee clearance in the rear row is 105mm. The trunk volume is 517L, and the front trunk volume is 105L.
Outstanding driving experience, Xiaomi SU7 is born for speed and performance
Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with the HyperEngine V6/V6s super motor jointly developed by Xiaomi, with a speed of 21,000 rpm, surpassing the world's most powerful mass-produced motor, and providing industry-leading super performance. The Xiaomi SU7 Max version uses dual-motor all-wheel drive with a peak torque of 838N·m, which is enough to rival the sports car performance of a 4.0L turbocharged engine. The total power is as high as 495kW, the maximum speed can reach 265km/h, the 0-200km/h acceleration is only 10.67 seconds, and the zero-to-100 acceleration is as fast as 2.78 seconds, "stepping into the supercar club".
Not only that, Xiaomi SU7 is also full of fun to drive. Ten adjustments can be customized including acceleration characteristics, steering feel, and front and rear drive distribution ratio. Equipped with Boost mode, the excess torque output lasts for 20 seconds, supports ejection start, and the surging power is available instantly, unlocking the outstanding performance enjoyment of speed and passion.
Xiaomi SU7 adopts front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension, and is equipped with Xiaomi Blast intelligent chassis. Equipped with CDC damping variable shock absorbers, Bosch ESP10.0 body stability system, Bosch DPB brake controller, Brembo four-piston fixed calipers and many other super configurations. With a turning radius of 5.7 meters and a braking distance of 33.3 meters, it has superb comprehensive control performance.
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High endurance and high safety create a high-quality driving experience
Xiaomi's solid underlying core R&D technology provides Xiaomi SU7 with high battery life and high safety quality assurance. Xiaomi’s CTB integrated battery technology has an integration efficiency of up to 77.8%. The first inverted battery design, it has top-notch heat dissipation and insulation design, as well as the world's most stringent battery safety testing and 14 layers of hard-core physical protection. 
There are also technical blessings such as the Xiaomi Car Cloud collaborative safety warning system, creating an all-round safety system with no blind spots. It also has excellent battery life performance. Xiaomi SU7 has two endurance versions, with CLTC endurance mileage of 668km and 800km respectively. The MAX version uses 800V super fast charging, and the battery life can reach 220km after 5 minutes of charging, truly optimizing performance and efficiency.
In terms of important active and passive safety, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with an armored cage steel-aluminum hybrid body. The car body is made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy as high as 90.1%, and the torsional stiffness of the vehicle reaches 51000N·m/deg, fully meeting the Chinese and European double five-star safety standards. It is also equipped with 16 active safety configurations and strict privacy security protection, creating a highly safe, high-performance and high-quality pure electric travel experience. Not only that, Xiaomi’s independently designed 9100t integrated large die-casting equipment cluster and its world’s first and independently developed Titan alloy, as well as the 72-in-1 integrated die-casting rear floor and three-stage rear floor anti-collision design. Xiaomi SU7 has significant quality improvements in terms of lightweight, structural strength, and maintenance costs.
Advanced scientific and technological innovation capabilities and strong technical reserve strength
Xiaomi SU7 adopts full-stack self-developed intelligent technology and self-developed sensing technology, self-developed adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road models, and super-resolution occupied network technology. It has achieved comprehensive improvements in visible accuracy, perception accuracy, control accuracy, etc., making high-speed and urban intelligent driving more accurate and safer, and solving existing problems such as difficulty in crossing intersections in urban NOA. Create urban navigation technology that is applicable across the country, making the smart navigation experience safer and more convenient.
With the support of the cockpit interactive architecture and Xiaomi's Pascal OS operating system, Xiaomi SU7 realizes a comprehensive shared ecosystem from hardware to software, evolving into a mobile smart space. The cockpit is equipped with a 16.1-inch 3K resolution central control ecological screen, a 56-inch HUD, and a car-grade 7.1-inch flip-up instrument screen. The Xiaomi Mi Pad rear expansion screen uses two native car-machine systems, matches the Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chip, has an AI computing power of 30TOPS, and five screens linkage, bringing a smooth human-vehicle interaction experience.
Around the application ecosystem. With the hardware ecosystem and Xiaomi CarIoT ecosystem, the car-machine system is deeply adapted to mainstream in-vehicle applications. When a mobile phone application is pinned into the car, it can instantly transform into a native car-machine application. It has advanced ecological application expansion capabilities, supports more than 1,000 Mijia devices to be installed in the car without any sense, and more than 5,000 applications are gradually adapted and shared. It is fully open to three parties, has unified standardized interfaces, fully supports wireless Carplay, and is compatible with iPad accessories and applications. Xiaomi SU7 car phone has an interactive experience like a mobile phone or tablet. It is fast to boot up and upgrade quickly. Videos watched on the mobile phone can be directly resumed in full screen on the car phone, allowing in-car intelligence to flow freely as you wish. With the arrival of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi will open up all scenarios such as home, office, and travel, allowing global users to experience the disruptive car experience in mobile smart space.
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