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Targeting the young market: BYD new model BYD Yuan UP is on the market, hurry up and get it!


Targeting the young market: BYD new model BYD Yuan UP is on the market, hurry up and get it!

On March 26, 2024, BYD's first A0-class pure electric SUV equipped with e-platform 3.0,BYD Yuan UP, was officially launched. There are 3 models of the new car, namely: 301KM leading type/401KM leading type/401KM transcendent.
High speed electric car BYD Yuan upt2k
Since February this year, BYD has completed the refresh of its core products from "Champion Edition" to "Glory Edition".
Compared with adding configurations and reducing prices on existing products to increase competitiveness, the newly launched Yuan UP is the first new product launched by BYD in 2024. It focuses on the A0-class pure electric SUV market, which has a huge market.
Young appearance, superior size
Yuan UP is led by BYD's global styling director and adopts a design language that BYD calls "trendy dragon-face aesthetics."
In terms of appearance details, BYD Yuan UP’s LED headlights are inspired by the elements of “perfection” and “dragon” in traditional Chinese culture. The headlights have a smooth appearance, with the designers using lines to outline a ring shape.
In addition, the shapes of the daytime running lights and the upper grille bright strips echo each other, incorporating the "Dragon Crystal" family design elements, making the shape agile and powerful. At the rear of the car, the new car is designed with a through-type light strip.
At the same time, BYD Yuan UP uses semi-hidden door handles, which not only makes the appearance smoother but also reduces wind resistance.
Full and solid proportions, low front and high rear lines, suspended bright-colored roof, wraparound skirts, and colorful embellishments on the wheel eyebrows... These elements make Yuan UP more agile and lively, which is also more in line with the preferences of young people.
Although Yuan UP is positioned as an A0-class SUV, its basic data is already close to that of an A-class compact SUV. The length, width and height of the new car are 4310 × 1830 × 1675 mm, and the wheelbase is 2620 mm.
BYD SUV BYD Yuan up73b
Spacious space and excellent intelligence
BYD Yuan UP's interior cabin has a symmetrical design with the center console as the axis, and the main lines extend from the main instrument panel to the door panels and side panels. At the same time, two layers of unique shapes overlap up and down to form the main instrument panel of BYD Yuan UP.
The two sets of annular handles on the sub-instrument panel of BYD Yuan UP and the door panels echo each other and progress layer by layer, like a three-dimensional "Chinese knot". The buttons embellished at the air vents also echo it, emphasizing the power of the interspersed lines. Together, these designs demonstrate a more personalized design language for the Dynasty family in the new era.
BYD Yuan UP’s ring-shaped handle is designed with an ambient light strip, which adds to the luxurious feel of the cabin. At the same time, the new car also has a 15W wireless charging station. In addition, Yuan UP also uses a diamond-cut "starburst handle" to further enhance the sophistication of the interior.
BYD Yuan UP seat adopts the newly developed dragon III frame platform. The seat is lighter than the same level in the industry and adopts "one-piece comfortable design" in shape.
The driver's seat of the new car supports six-way electric adjustment, and the passenger seat supports four-way electric adjustment. The total front and rear adjustment stroke of the driver and passenger is 260 mm, which is comparable to that of a luxury B-class car. The backrest adjustment angle is 75° and is equipped with a heating function.
BYD Yuan UP The rear seats support 4:6 and the seats can be folded down to increase the luggage space.
At the same time, thanks to BYD CTB technology, vertical space is released. The seat height for rear passengers is appropriate, without the cramped feeling of a "small bench", and the thigh support is excellent. In terms of the riding experience in the rear row alone, BYD Yuan UP is better than many fuel-powered models of the same level.
BYD Yuan up 301km range 401km01w
In terms of intelligence, BYD Yuan UP is equipped with the DiLink intelligent network connection system and supports the Di ecosystem of massive APPs. At the same time, the front row of the new car also has dual microphones, which support wake-word-free control of music, navigation, air conditioning, audio and video playback, etc. It also supports voice opening/closing of music, voice switching of songs, voice adjustment of volume, radio, etc.
BYD Yuan UP provides a variety of vehicle unlocking methods, and users can operate it through cloud keys, Bluetooth keys or mobile phone NFC car keys.
In a network-free environment, it can be operated through a Bluetooth key. The mobile NFC car key supports Android and iOS mobile phones and follows the CCC specifications of the Global Car Network Alliance. Adopt local encryption storage strategy for all private data to ensure security.
BYD electric car byd yuan upi1a
e Platform 3.0 Empowerment
BYD Yuan up 301KM leading type is equipped with a 32 kWh battery pack and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 70 kW and an acceleration time of 100 kilometers in 12 seconds.
BYD Yuan up 401KM leading type and 401KM transcendent are both equipped with a 45.12 kWh battery pack, the maximum power of the motor is 130 kW, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is 7.9 seconds.
At the same time, all new cars are equipped with VTOL mobile power stations as standard, supporting a maximum power of up to 3.3 kW, making it convenient to use the car in self-driving travel scenarios.
As the first A0-class pure electric SUV born on BYD's e-platform 3.0, BYD Yuan UP adopts CTB battery-body integration technology, which increases the torsional stiffness of the body by 32% and improves handling stability. The floor vibration amplitude is reduced by 62.9%, and the NVH performance is greatly optimized. In addition, the battery pack upper cover is integrated with the traditional structure of the body floor to optimize the vehicle's Z-direction space structure and increase the head space inside the vehicle.
BYD Yuan UP is equipped with a high-efficiency eight-in-one electric powertrain. It has the characteristics of high integration, high power density and high efficiency, with an overall efficiency of up to 89%.
Yuan UP's thermal management system is highly integrated and equipped with a wide temperature range and high-efficiency heat pump system, including eleven working modes. The passenger compartment, power battery, and drive assembly are deeply integrated through the heat pump. After the waste heat of the drive assembly is recovered, it provides a high-grade auxiliary heat source for the heat pump. Therefore, the conversion rate of electrical energy to thermal energy can be effectively improved.
The system has the ability to operate in a wide temperature range of -30-40 ℃, and the energy efficiency ratio (COP) can reach 1~3 under winter heating conditions. Even in extreme weather of -30°C, the heat pump can still work normally.
At the same time, BYD Yuan UP’s power battery adopts direct cooling and direct heating technology. Realize the direct cooling and heating of the battery by the refrigerant, eliminating the indirect heat exchange loss of the coolant, and greatly improving the battery cooling and heating effect.
At the same time, Yuan UP adopts battery pack cold plate integrated tray technology to effectively improve product space utilization. Thanks to the constant temperature characteristics of the refrigerant gas and liquid phases, the temperature consistency of the entire pack is greatly improved, the overall performance of the battery pack is improved, and the battery life is extended.
BYD Yuan up new modelf5k
BYD Yuan UP will focus on the A0 market.
Yuan UP's small size, large space and good intelligence can meet the transportation needs of young consumers. The higher-level Yuan PLUS has longer battery life, larger size, stronger power, and higher-spec chassis configuration, making it suitable for young family users.
BYD said that Yuan UP and Yuan PLUS will form a "Gemini" partner, allowing Yuan IP to cover different circles of the pan-A-level market.
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