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A number of smart driving functions have been added, and Avita 12 has launched OTA upgrades. Battery life is 700KM, voltage is 800V.


A number of smart driving functions have been added, and Avita 12 has launched OTA upgrades. Battery life is 700KM, voltage is 800V.

In the first half of 2024, Avita announced that it will start OTA upgrade push for Avita 12 users. The software version number of this upgrade is AVATR.OS 3.2.0, which is mainly aimed at upgrading intelligent driving capabilities/active safety. 7 new functions have been added, and more than 20 items such as air conditioning and multimedia have been optimized.
This OTA upgrade adds NCA (Intelligent Navigation Assistance) to automatically increase the speed limit on the road. At the same time, NCA active deceleration when entering a toll station and APP first-time use guidance-NCA Mute function are added, which can freely switch between NCA and LCC (lane centering assist) modes. In both urban LCC and urban NCA, the traffic identification capabilities of bus lanes and the left and right lane changing function of the lever are added. This OTA upgrade is for AVP (valet parking system). You only need to walk through the parking lot once, and the favorite parking space is selected by default. You can directly calculate the route and activate AVP when entering the map. The central control screen can also display the AVP interface. After the upgrade, AVP can also be activated in the parking space, supporting easy movement from parking space A to parking space B in the same basement.
In addition, ADS (Advanced Intelligent Driving System) has added a hands-off reminder option, adding two options: standard and comfort. At the same time, a quick navigation recommendation function for frequently visited places has also been added. Frequently used destinations will be intelligently recommended on the navigation homepage, enabling one-click smart driving. This OTA upgrade is for the ADS lateral active safety system. A new lateral active safety function LOCP is added. When the vehicle is at risk of colliding with obstacles such as lateral barriers or fences, the system will automatically trigger emergency intervention and automatic steering to avoid or mitigate the risk of collision. In addition, the lateral collision avoidance function configuration also adds obstacle and solid line options.
In terms of cockpit experience optimization, this OTA has upgraded the air conditioning system, fragrance system, and multimedia sound effects. After the upgrade, it can remember the user's aromatherapy settings, solve basic sound experience problems, and optimize the sky surround entertainment sound effects of high-end models.
When it comes to Avita, many people will associate it with Huawei. Avita 12 is equipped with a series of full-stack intelligent vehicle solutions such as Huawei's independently developed Hongmeng cockpit and ADS2.0 intelligent driving system. This series of high-tech configurations has greatly improved the intelligence of Avita 12. It has a battery life of 650km, and all series are equipped with three lidar and four-wheel drive performance versions as standard, and some intelligent safety configurations have been upgraded. Avita has always been innovating and striving to bring consumers a more luxurious, intelligent and comfortable driving experience. Avita 12 is positioned as a high-end luxury smart coupe model, and is also a medium to large sedan. Judging from its positioning, it is relatively clear, targeting the BBA and other luxury car markets.
In terms of power, the voltage system of Avita 12 reaches 800 volts. In addition to battery high voltage, Avita 12's battery packs, motors, electronic controls, as well as compressors, electric heaters, DC converters and other components all use high-voltage components. This makes the Avita 12 excellent in terms of electrical system. At the same time, Avita 12’s charging speed is also very good. It can charge to 30%-80% SOC in just 20 minutes and 35 kWh in 15 minutes. This charging speed is top-notch in the industry.
In terms of battery life, the Avita 12’s battery life can reach 700 KM under ideal conditions. This range is mainly due to its high-performance electric motor and advanced power battery management system. Avita 12 is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 400 KW and a peak torque of 650 Nm. It also uses CATL’s ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 94.53kWh and supports 800V high-voltage fast charging technology, which can provide a range of 400km after 10 minutes of charging.
Avita 12 is an excellent new energy vehicle. Its unique exterior design, luxurious interior configuration, and advanced intelligent driving technology have made it a model that has attracted much attention on the market. If you are interested in Avita 12, please contact me for more details. I believe you will also be attracted by its charm.