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Brand: BYD

Energy type: Pure electric/hybrid

Pure electric cruising range (km): 110/520

Size(mm): 4785*1890*1660

Wheelbase(mm): 2765

Maximum speed (km/h): 175

Maximum power(kW): 150

Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate

Front suspension system: MacPherson independent suspension

Rear suspension system: Multi-link independent suspension

    Product description

    The appearance design of BYD SONG PLUS is relatively generous. The air intake grille adopts a closed treatment in line with the electrified attributes. The shape of the headlight group is relatively full, and the internal lens design is more thoughtful, and it is also decorated with a decorative strip similar to a water drop decoration. The daytime running lights below are designed to be relatively slender, and the visual effect after the entire light group is lit is quite good. At the same time, the air intake is designed to be relatively generous and decorated with trapezoidal chrome trim strips.

    The shape of the entire body of BYD SONG PLUS is still full and generous. Chrome trim strips are decorated around the windows to enhance the texture. The rearview mirror is relatively rounded in shape and is also equipped with a turn signal. The waistline adopts a through-type design, which lengthens the visual length of the car body to a certain extent. The ribs on the lower skirt echo the waistline. At the same time, the lower surround is also decorated with anti-collision strips to enhance the texture. At the same time, the multi-spoke wheel hubs are more exquisite in shape and adopt a low wind resistance design.
    BYDelectric vehiclex3k
    The overall sense of hierarchy at the rear of the electric vehicle is clear. The taillight group adopts a through-type design, the inner lens outline is relatively clear, and the lampshade has been blackened, and the chrome trim strip has been removed, making it appear more concise. The visual effect of the taillight group is good after it is lit, and the letter logo is also decorated below. The reflective light strip is relatively slender, and the rear surround is also equipped with a thicker guard plate.
    BYD EVmxo
    In terms of interior, the SONG PLUS model has a new style multi-function steering wheel that is relatively full. The tactile feedback of the physical buttons on both sides is good, and the shape of the air conditioning outlet is also relatively generous. The details are decorated with high-gloss black trim strips and silver trim strips, and some areas are wrapped in leather materials, with clear stitching design to emphasize the sense of class. The LCD instrument panel can display a wealth of data, and the Dlilnk vehicle system built into the floating central control screen has complete functions and fast response. Moreover, the new car is also equipped with ambient lighting to enhance the sense of class.
    1tmqBYD SONG PLUS Carcgi
    The seat adopts a new shape of an integrated seat. In actual experience, the comfort, load-bearing and wrapping properties are relatively good. The seating feel is different from what we know as a performance car, but it is more suitable for the sports positioning of the Song PLUS Championship Edition. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a new electronic gear lever, which improves the sense of technology.
    BYD SONG PLUS Seat8ar
    In terms of power parameters, Song PLUS provides pure electric power. Equipped with a pure electric 204-horsepower or 218-horsepower electric motor, the total power is 150kW and 160kW respectively, and the total torque is 310N·m and 330N·m respectively. The pure electric cruising range can reach 520km or 605km, with good cruising performance and strong power.
    Taken together, BYD Song PLUS, as a pure electric vehicle, shows excellent endurance performance and excellent power configuration. A compact SUV positioned as a family car, its ride comfort and space performance are acceptable. The recent recovery in sales is mainly due to the recovery trend of the entire auto market, and at the same time, consumers have a high degree of recognition of the BYD brand. Song PLUS is an excellent model, so it is natural that sales will increase.

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