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Brand: BYD

Energy type: Pure electric

Pure electric cruising range (km): 550/662

Size(mm): 4840*1950*1560

Wheelbase(mm): 2930

Maximum speed (km/h): 200

Maximum power(kW): 150/230

Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate

Front suspension system: Double wishbone independent suspension

Rear suspension system: Five-link independent suspension

    Product description

    In terms of appearance, Song L adopts a new family-style design language. Although the front face is very similar to BYD Han, there is some Ocean Net flavor in the front face with dynasty elements. First of all, Song L canceled the iconic big mouth grille of Dynasty.com, and instead used a through-type daytime running light strip with dense vertical decorative strips above it for decoration. At the same time, the daytime running lights and the two chrome trim strips under the bumper look like dragon whiskers. Coupled with the downward swooping front of the car, the overall look is full of sharpness. The overall size of Song L is 4840x1950x1560mm. The side of the car body adopts a streamlined design, and the fastback tail shape makes the side posture of the car look very low. At the same time, the downward-pressed rear wing and through-type taillights also make the rear of the car look stylish and sporty.

    BYD SONG Lq3c
    The rear design of Song L is relatively plump. It is equipped with a through-type light strip, three-dimensional Chinese knot-style taillight groups on both sides, and the vertically arranged high-mounted brake lights are retained. At the same time, Song L will also be equipped with an active electric lifting rear wing, active air intake grille, suspended spoiler, frameless doors, etc.
    BYD SONG83l
    At first glance, the interior is still the familiar BYD family design style. The new car is equipped with a 10.26-inch LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch central control screen. Below the central control screen there are electronic gear knobs and some commonly used physical buttons. The entire center console and both sides of the doors are wrapped in leather, and the overall interior is mainly simple and stylish. However, the new car also has an exclusive wilderness starry sky interior style, with deep gray and fluorescent green as embellishments, and paired with suede material, which improves the texture of the car to a certain extent.
    BYD SONG EV6vaBYD interiorpdo
    In terms of configuration, even the entry-level model Song L is equipped with a capable level. A number of active and passive safety configurations, L2-level assisted driving systems, variable suspension adjustment, steering auxiliary lights, etc. are all standard equipment. The Excellent model is also equipped with many comfortable and practical features such as a 12-speaker Dynaudio audio, automatic lift tail, facial recognition, adjustable passenger lumbar and leg rests, and a 50-inch HUD. It can be said that all the conventional configurations are included, and the advanced configurations are used to further enhance Song L’s driving experience.
    BYD Carz4eBYD EVzk0
    Song L, which is built on e-platform 3.0, also offers three options in terms of power. They are rear-mounted rear-drive versions with maximum horsepower of 204Ps and 313Ps, and dual-motor four-wheel-drive versions with maximum horsepower of 517Ps. In terms of battery capacity, there are also two options: 71.8kWh and 87.04kWh. The corresponding CLTC ranges are 550km, 662km and 602km respectively. In addition, Song L uses front double-wishbone independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension. It is also equipped with BYD's signature chassis technology Yunnan-C, which instantly maximizes the product's capabilities.
    Yunnan C, the full name is intelligent damping body control system. Its operating principle is to adjust the active suspension damping strength by controlling the solenoid valve of the shock absorber, thereby adjusting the softness and hardness of the chassis system according to road changes. Drivers can enjoy a stable driving experience when driving a vehicle equipped with Yunnan C on paved roads. When driving on mountain roads, Yunnan C can provide excellent lateral support by increasing the suspension damping hardness. When facing non-paved roads, speed bumps, and roads with obvious undulations, Yunnan C will soften the suspension damping to ensure driving comfort.
    Overall, BYD Song L is a hunting SUV worth looking forward to. Its unique hunting suit design, excellent power performance, luxurious configuration, and affordable price have attracted the attention of many consumers. I believe that as the market continues to develop and consumers' awareness of new energy vehicles continues to increase, Song L will become a dark horse in the market and lead the development direction of the new energy vehicle market.

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