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Brand: BYD

Energy type: Pure electric

Pure electric cruising range (km): 430/510

Size(mm): 4455*1875*1615

Wheelbase(mm): 2720

Maximum speed (km/h): 160

Maximum power(kW): 150

Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate

Front suspension system: MacPherson independent suspension

Rear suspension system: Multi-link independent suspension

    Product description

    I have been testing new energy pure electric vehicles recently, and I feel more and more that the sizes of electric vehicle designs are now becoming larger. The reason is understandable, more batteries can be arranged. Make the battery life last longer and reduce charging anxiety and charging time. But new problems have arisen. Large-size models are bound to test the driver's driving level. Especially driving or parking on narrow urban roads is very unfriendly to novices. In fact, many consumers have very simple needs. Compact size is enough, the appearance must be good, it must be easy to drive, and the after-sales service is convenient.
    There are not many models that can meet these preset answers, and BYD AUTO 3 should be one of them. In March 2022, monthly sales exceeded 10,000 units in the first month after its launch. In September of the same year, cumulative sales exceeded 100,000 units. As of October this year, cumulative sales have exceeded 500,000 vehicles. AUTO 3 has topped the sales list several times.

    The overall shape of the new car still continues the design elements of the old model, and the entire car was created by Wolfgang Egger, BYD's global styling director. It adopts BYD’s classic Dragon Face 3.0 family design language. All headlights use LED light sources and have automatic headlight functions. Through light processing technology, the lighting width has been increased to 16.7 meters, further improving driving safety at night.
    BYD (2)rlp
    The side lines of the body are sporty, the aerodynamic performance is excellent, and the vehicle's wind resistance coefficient is controlled at 0.29Cd. The rearview mirror has a new mobile phone NFC car key function, making getting in and out of the car more convenient.
    The chrome-plated dragon scale texture on the D-pillar is the finishing touch, increasing the recognition of the side of the car. The rounded tail design continues the dynamic design style. The through-type taillights and the color separation treatment of the lower bumper make the tail look very layered.
    This time, a new light luxury rice two-tone interior is used, which looks cleaner and more classy. In conjunction with fitness-themed style elements, such as push-type shift levers, dumbbell-type air-conditioning vents, grip-type door handles, treadmill-type central armrests, string-type door panel decorations, etc. The entire interior is filled with a youthful and energetic atmosphere.
    BYD AUTO (2)zs4
    The top configuration of the central control screen is 15.6 inches, and other configurations have a standard size of 12.8 inches. The car is equipped with the DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system, which has good response and processing speed. It supports a variety of APP extensions, and when using short videos such as Douyin, the screen will automatically adjust to vertical screen for easy viewing. On this basis, screen wipe mode and baby mode are added, which can realize functions with one click.
    BYD AUTO 3el0
    The front seats adopt an integrated sports shape, with good wrapping and support. The main driver's seat can be adjusted in 6 ways, and the passenger seat can be adjusted in 4 ways. The support of the rear seats is not compromised because it is a compact SUV, and the head and leg room are also well taken care of, basically meeting the daily riding needs of four people.
    BYD AUTOzyb
    Performance at the driving level is as good as ever. It basically adopts BYD e-platform 3.0 technology and adopts body electronic control domain technology to achieve high integration and lightweight of electronic and electrical systems, improving information processing efficiency and response speed. The maximum power is 204 horsepower and 310 Nm, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 7.3 seconds. The actual experience is that starting and speeding up are brisk and flexible, and there is a certain amount of sustained power when accelerating again.

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