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SEDA EVA5 Low Speed MINI Electric Car


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SEDA EVA5 Low Speed MINI Electric Car

Model: SEDA EVA5

Body Structure:5-door and 5-seat

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Max Speed:65km/h

Max Range:150-400km


    Product specification

    Model SEDA EVA5
    Configuration Type 60V Universal Version
    Size 3050*1580*1650MM
    Voltage 60V
    Battery Capacity 120-400Ah Lithium Battery
    Rated Power 2000W
    Tire Specifications 155/70R12
    Steering Wheel Left/Right
    Gear Box Automatic
    Brake System Disc Brake
    Max Speed 70km/h
    Max Cruising Range 100-300km
    Charging Time 6-8h
    Suspension System Front and Rear suspension
    Wheel Steel/Aluminum Alloy
    LCD Instrument
    Multifunction steering wheel
    Electric doors and windows/Interior central lock
    Anti-glare interior rearview mirror
    High lens headlight/High mount brake light
    High and low speed shifting
    Reverse Image
    One-button start Optional
    Heating and air conditioning Optional
    Spare Tire Cover Optional
    Luggage Rack Optional
    Color Customize
    Materials, configurations, etc. can all be customized...

    Product Description

    Low-speed electric cars, often categorized as neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) or electric mopeds, are designed for short-distance commuting and local travel. But SEDA EVA5 has many car configurations and functions and is an upgraded four-wheel scooter. Make your life more convenient and interesting.

    Product features

    • It’s cold when riding a bicycle, and it consumes gas when driving. With this mobility scooter, you and your family no longer have to worry about traveling in bad weather.

    • Various safety features such as headlights and turn signals comply with local regulations.

    • Four layers of high-temperature paint. Colors can be customized as desired.

    • Vacuum tires, four-wheel disc brakes. The chassis can be raised.

    • The interior is continuously developed and upgraded, and can be customized according to needs.

    Product core---lithium battery

    1. Production is strictly in accordance with national standards, and the products meet the requirements.
    2. Specially optimized solutions for different models and terrains to make battery packs more compatible with cars.
    3. Speed and mileage are a very convincing test benchmark.
    The SEDA EVA5 is a recreational mobility scooter that requires no license, insurance or registration. Best of all, it doesn’t require gasoline, either! Just plug the battery into the wall, charge and go!



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