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SEDA EVA2 Low Speed MINI Electric Car


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SEDA EVA2 Low Speed MINI Electric Car

Model: SEDA EVA2

Body Structure:5-door and 5-seat

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Max Speed:65km/h

Max Range:150-400km


    Product specification

    Model SEDA EVA2
    Configuration Type 60V Universal Version
    Size 3100*1550*1600MM
    Voltage 60V
    Battery Capacity 100-400Ah Lithium Battery
    Rated Power 2000W
    Tire Specifications 155/70R12
    Steering Wheel Left/Right
    Gear Box Automatic
    Brake System Disc Brake
    Max Speed 70km/h
    Max Cruising Range 150-400km
    Charging Time 6-8h
    Suspension System Front and Rear suspension
    Wheel Steel/Aluminum Alloy
    LCD Instrument
    Multifunction steering wheel
    Electric doors and windows/Interior central lock
    Anti-glare interior rearview mirror
    High lens headlight/High mount brake light
    High and low speed shifting
    Reverse Image
    One-button start Optional
    Heating and air conditioning Optional
    Spare Tire Cover Optional
    Luggage Rack Optional
    Color Customize
    Materials, configurations, etc. can all be customized...

    Product Description

    SEDA EVA2 is a good helper in daily life. Equipped with almost all the configurations of a car, it is the perfect choice for traveling. It looks small and cute, but has plenty of functions inside. Commuting to and from get off work is quick and convenient, there is plenty of space for grocery shopping, and you can also take the kids out and have a picnic. Using a newly upgraded lithium battery, it has more power and longer battery life. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel achieves a healthy environment.

    Product features

    SEDA EVA2ftq
    • Enjoy life. The car is equipped with Bluetooth to connect your phone to listen to music, and USB to charge your phone at any time.

    • Daily life. The 5 doors and 5 seats are convenient for taking children to and from school, grocery shopping, and visiting the community.

    • Relax life. Equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning, the car will be warm all year round.

    • Define life. Add a touch of your own to your car.

    Product Core---Lithium Battery

    1.Electric scooters are very convenient to charge and can be charged at home using a standard power socket. Some models also support fast charging to reduce downtime.
    2.The battery adopts an exclusive vacuum potting process to ensure safety.
    3.There are countermeasures for severe cold areas and high temperature areas. There are also countermeasures for slippery and bumpy roads.

    The SEDA brand continues to delve into electric vehicle products to bring convenient, flexible and efficient transportation tools into people's daily lives. Make life more interesting!


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